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Stretch marks on breasts are a typical concern amongst females as breasts tend to go through modifications. Right from they’re the age of puberty phase, women would experience modifications in the size of their breasts, which in turn can cause the incident of stretch marks on their breasts.

The stretch marks tend to take place on the breasts when the collagen fibers in their skin have the tendency to experience enormous tension or stretch that makes them to fray.

As another kind of stretch marks, it is necessary for you to understand why it happens on your breasts. Continue reading to discover more about the typical causes.

Fast weight loss/weight gain

One of the primary causes of an incident of stretch marks on breasts is acquiring immense weight at a fast speed and dropping weight. If you are pregnant, you must be cautious about acquiring weight at a typical speed as accumulating a lot of pounds in one go may make your breasts to have stretch marks.

Hormone changes

Hormone modifications that take place in your body during the period of puberty, pregnancy or menopause can cause your breasts to stretch thus resulting in the development of stretch marks.

Going with breast augmentation or enhancement procedures

When you go through different kinds of surgeries that belong to your breasts such as breast augmentation, breast decrease or breast enhancement surgeries, it can leave stretch marks to appear on the skin of your breasts.

Genetic reasons

Like any other kind of stretch marks, stretch marks on breasts are likewise hereditary and fortunately is, if your mother does not have stretch marks, you need not be fretted about it.

Teenage phase

If you are a teenager, you are more than likely to experience faster development and body development, that makes your breast to end up being more fuller by building up fat deposits because of the area. This can cause the look of stretch marks.